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Two family-houses in Vratiaslavice Nad Nisou.
The plot is on the outskirts of the city of Liberec, Czech Republic.
It is in a hill with a slope going down by around 20% to the north-east.
The access from the street is from above. 
Four-car parking lot is situated right where the street ends in the upper part. Pedestrians can come from below. There is a tram stop.  
The way is going up just along the south-east border of the plot.

The two houses are for the same family.
One house is for the parents and the second for a son.
The first house is located in the upper part, closer to the parking place and the and to the north-west edge in order to keep free more surface in the sunnyest part to place there the garden.
The second house is in a flat in the bottom part to keep distance and privacy with the other house and use the existing flat that was previously occupied by a house. 
Houses are situated each one in one half to be able to split the site in two diferent plots.

The area have natual enviorment covered by many trees. 
The three biggest trees are betwen both houses covering the view between them. This spot it is where the common terrace is placed. 

A small water spring runs from above. 
Following the natural path of the water is the main circulation that goes from the street to the second house, and then till the end of the site where is a pond. This pond serves to keep the watercourse inside the property and as the final step of the sewage treatment. Another two small ponds remarks the entrance of each of houses.

The house upstairs is organized in two floors. 
One floor is half under the ground - following the slope.
The plan is shaped in three symmetrical wings, each wing is a 5m x 5m square. In each one of these wings -in the first floor- is placed one of the main spaces: kitchen, dining room and living room, all in one unified space with the other program around. In between of these wings three small courtyards are formed in the corners. Every courtyard keeps one existing tree: One courtyard is the entrance, second is the main terrace for the first floor and the last one is a hidden garden for the master bedroom in the groundfloor.

The house downstairs is designed in one floor. The terrain is flat. The disposition of the plan is around a courtyard in the middle. In each side of the courtyard is one of the main spaces: kitchen and living room in two opposite sides and the dinning room is facing the garden. This courtyard is designed to be an open connection to the outside during summer, creating one big aperture that goes from the garden to the other side of the house, where the view goes towards the valley and the next hill in front.

autor: Jan Žalský, Daniel Rodríguez

místo: Liberec, Česká republika

datum: 2021

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